EcoClosure is a climate-tech venture led by Kyoung Hee Kim, PhD AIA NCARB NOMA

Building enclosures play an important role in building energy efficiency and good indoor environmental quality. Our biochromic technology leverages the superior photosynthetic performance of microalgae in response to climate conditions. This technology contributes to carbon neutrality, user health and well-being, and sustainable building practice through nature-based solutions.


  • In 2011, the initial prototype of the microalgae integrated building enclosures was developed at UNC Charlotte and was showcased to the public at Washington DC’s National Mall. The next prototyping iteration was supported by AIA Upjohn and UNCC institutional grants.
  • In 2019, EcoClosure LLC was launched with the goal of commercializing microalgae enclosures supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Intellectual Property was licensed from UNC Charlotte, and currently, we are manufacturing full-scale biochromic system.